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Faith formation begins in the family, but doesn’t end there

There’s a well-known recipe for making a mass going adult Catholic: two Catholic parents who both practice their faith. So by analysing the church’s marriage data since 1970, we can get a good idea of what’s caused the drop in Mass attendance, writes Philippa Martyr.

We already have a good idea of why Catholics don’t come...

The National Centre for Pastoral Research will undertake a two-year study of why Catholics aren’t attending Mass. Having been in the survey business for years, Dr Philippa Martyr offers a few thoughts that might make the job easier.

Who’s responsible for bringing back the church’s lost sheep?

In the Biblical parable, Jesus described a shepherd with a flock of 99 faithful sheep and one rogue sheep. In the church in Australia today, we have the reverse: around 92 missing sheep for every eight sheep going to Mass on Sunday. Whose job is it to bring them back?

National study to investigate reasons for decline in Mass attendance

With the national Mass attendance rate now at just over eight per cent, the National Centre for Pastoral Research (NCPR) will soon commence a study of reported reasons why people who continue to affiliate as Catholics do not participate regularly in Sunday Mass.

Philippa Martyr: An overview of the Australian Catholic Mass Attendance Report

A comprehensive five-yearly report shows that the Catholic Church in Australia lost about a third of all its Massgoing Catholics from 2016-2021, but there is good news for the church's future as well, writes Philippa Martyr in this first look at the report.

Philippa Martyr: Why do young Catholics want to follow the rules?

I’m continuing to unpack our national Catholic survey results and find out more about our group of around 700 massgoing Catholics under the age of 40., of which, 79 per cent said that their enjoyment in “taking part in the service itself and experiencing the liturgy” was a very important reason for them to go to Mass regularly.
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