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Professor Tracey Rowland: For sacred liturgy, we need sacred speech

There are many reasons why religions have recourse to 'sacred language' in their rituals. So why should Catholics settle for the everyday?

The Liturgical Heart of our Schools

Something strange is happening…In Term 2, I joined students on an after school excursion to a dance competition.

Dan Schutte: How I wrote ‘Here I am Lord’’

He is arguably the Paul McCartney of Catholic liturgical music. For a generation of Catholics growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, Dan Schutte’s songs have been the soundtrack of their religious lives.

New Director of Music at Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral announced

The Dean of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, Fr Don Richardson, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Daniel Justin as the new Director of Music, effective early October 2023.

Sacred music workshop will teach Gregorian Chant to the next generation

A workshop to be held on the 29th of April at Lewisham will teach Catholics how to participate more actively at Mass

Future doctor of the church? Benedict XVI scholars say German professor-pope stands the...

By Maria Wiering Beginning well before he was elected pope in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI made substantial contributions to theology and Catholic thought through his prolific writing,...

Aria for Mascot church

Australia Opera star to lend his voice to special concert in aid of church sanctuary renovation One of the world’s leading tenors is performing for...

Dr Philippa Martyr – Mass: it’s about God, not emotions

Pope Francis wrote an exhortation on the liturgy, Desidero Desideravi, earlier this year. I’d like to unpack just one element of it - the...

Why the whole Church should embrace Desiderio Desideravi

It’s no coincidence that days before the commencement of the closing session of Australia’s Plenary Council, Pope Francis has released a pointed 65-paragraph letter...

Pope Francis, the liturgy and the Plenary Council

With impeccable timing, Pope Francis has released an Apostolic Letter Desiderio Desideravi on 29 June, just before our Plenary Council sessions begin. ‘Desiderio desideravi’ are the...

The centrality of Liturgy: A Chaldean Perspective

Two basic rules on this subject. First: liturgy is the life and heart of the Catholic Church, particularly for the Eastern Churches. It is the...

Dr Philippa Martyr: Liturgical fallout of the 70s

This week I’m back to the Novus Ordo, because I had an interesting online chat with a US friend. She said that when the...
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