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Catholic schools for future saints

What do you desire? This question is asked of each Dominican when we receive the habit of the order.

Letters reveal another side to Sr Wendy Beckett

The art historian and 90s TV star was a contemplative, a holy woman  and perhaps a saint says author and friend Robert Ellsberg Sr Wendy...

Elizabeth Arblaster: Building the Tower of Babel or the House of...

We need to stop and prayerfully ask ourselves, ‘What actions will really lead to the renewal of our parishes?’

Dr Philippa Martyr: One question the Plenary should ask

Last week I was musing about how beige Catholicism has almost smothered us to death in Australia. Certainly, it’s hard to find evidence of...

St Teresa of Avila teaches importance of prayer, pope says

The Spanish saint's union with Christ through prayer made her an "exceptional woman," Pope Francis said.

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Out of the Catholic comfort zone

Dear Father, In the gospel there are radical counsels, like take up your cross, blessed are the poor in spirit, sell what you have,...

Body of Carlo Acutis venerated in Assisi

Teenager's body found 'not incorrupt' but will inspire many while on display before his beatification.

Setting the world on fire: life in the Holy Spirit

It is not sufficient for us to confine our Christian life to the pews of the parish Church and a scattering of prayers in the home, without commitment to the issues of our time and the presenting challenges of the world

Sainthood cleared for Charles de Foucauld

Pope Francis will raise 20th century contemplative who inspired two religious congregations to the altars.

St John Paul II: Someone the Church really needed

In looking upon John Paul II as a kind of hero, and acknowledging his personal holiness, we must not lose sight of his humanity, his struggles, his suffering

Sanctity: the unspoken question for Plenary 2020

Each of us, individually, is called to strive to live a life of service to God in the circumstances in which we find ourselves and the unique purpose He calls us to fulfil.

Plenary 2020 and holiness: Hear the plea of the young

Australian youth want holiness ffrom the Church. On this issue, the Plenary needs to deliver.
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