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Plenary 2020

Reflections and Perspectives on Plenary Council 2020

What the Plenary Council won’t be able to change

Plenary Council 2020 will not have the power to enact anything contradicting the Church’s teachings on faith and morals, or to change the essentials of the Mass or ordain women to the priesthood, a...

Bishop Randazzo: “Make Plenary 2020 about encountering Christ”

Bishop Anthony Randazzo has expressed his hope that the Plenary Council set to be held in the Catholic Church in Australia in 2020 will “spark the desire for Christ” in people’s hearts, rather than...

Q&A with Fr John Flader: What is a Plenary Council?

Question: Dear Father, now that Australia is planning for a Plenary Council to be held in 2020, can you tell me exactly what a Plenary Council is and how it differs, say from a...