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Legalised killing in NSW jumps hurdle

Parliament passes euthanasia bill, now fate of end-of-life care rests with Upper House MPs.

Where does euthanasia leave people with a disability?

“Surely, with all the safeguards in the Euthanasia Bill, we can be confident nothing untoward will happen. Australia’s not that sort of place.” It’s been...

A lethal jab is not the answer to suffering

Before you say “He would say that, he’s a bishop,” please hear me out. When it comes to calls for euthanasia, I get it,...

No need for a licence to kill

Let's work together on a just and compassionate society for the terminally ill, says Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP.

Monica Doumit: Don’t get sick in rural Australia

Healthcare for serious illness in regional NSW is underfunded in negligent fashion Imagine having stage four t-cell lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer, and...

Michael Cook: ‘Quick and painless’? Pull the other one

The marketing strategy of right-to-die organisations has not changed much over the past 150 years. In 1872 a British writer, Samuel D. Williams, wrote...

Take opportunity to act now on euthanasia, says archbishop

Submissions to a parliamentary inquiry via a brief online questionnaire close on 22 November.

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Euthanasia and compassion

Dear Father, I was born in Africa and migrated to Australia with my family many years ago. I am appalled by the big push...

Peter Rosengren: Catholics, act now to stop this travesty

To get into a car while inebriated and kill others, with or without intention, is morally wrong. It has always been wrong and it...

Lobby your MP now

MPs urge state’s citizens to act over euthanasia plans.
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Book shatters the pretence in Pell affair

Former Prime Minister John Howard has written he “never believed” the charges against Cardinal Pell in the foreword to a new book by Sydney...