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Monica Doumit: Diabolical in the detail

Four years ago NSW politicians voted down a dodgy dying Bill, this one is even worse Last week, I wrote about the irresponsible timing of...

10 things about the NSW euthanasia bill

Not to be deterred by a deadly pandemic and millions of his fellow citizens suffering in isolation, and with employment uncertainty, Independent MP Alex...

Worst possible timing for NSW bill, says archbishop

Archbishop Fisher OP blasted draft assisted suicide laws as “the last thing we need” while NSW battles a COVID outbreak.

Doctors’ dire warning on euthanasia push

Talks across Sydney will explode the sentimental myths used to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia Experts including specialist palliative care doctors will give key talks...

WA Church speaks out: we will not facilitate euthanasia

The Catholic Church in Western Australia has this week entered a new world order with the enacting of the state’s 2019 Voluntary Assisted Dying...

Health leaders respond to NSW palliative care promise

Advocates welcomed a promised boost to palliative care funding in next week’s NSW budget but say more needs to be done to ensure it is widely available.

Monica Doumit: Stand firm against euthanasia

Another dodgy anti-life campaign is underway Happy New Year! While most of us took a break at the end of last year, to spend time with...

Euthanasia focus would be ‘tone deaf’

Proposed timing of a NSW euthanasia push is described as so inappropriate as to be “laughable”.

Catholic hospitals face a battle in Tasmania

Experts reject an attempt to force hospitals and aged care facilities to offer assisted suicide.

Warning after NZ assisted suicide green light

Communities of care will be essential under new regime Legal experts and pro-life advocates warn that vulnerable sick, elderly and people with disabilities will be...
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Eyes on the world

One of Australia’s leading news photographers Brendan Esposito has built a career out of running head-on into mayhem, and says much of what makes...