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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Penshurst Girls charge into first Netball championship win

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Penshurst Girl’s netball team champions. Photo: SCS Sport
Penshurst Girl’s netball team champions. Photo: SCS Sport

Since the school began to introduce co-education, Marist Catholic College Penshurst has been gunning for a straight out win in the senior girls netball finals. The closest they came was a win based on an end of season points tally, thanks to COVID in 2021.

However, in week nine, they won Sydney Catholic Schools’ conference three senior girls’ championship by a landslide.

Their competitors were none other than the team who bested them last year, St Ursula’s Kingsgrove. It’s also worth noting that the two sides matched up once earlier this year, with Marist only emerging the victors by the scant margin of a single goal.

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The game got off to a cracking start, with the ball flying end to end, intercepts and turnovers galore from both sides.

It took a few minutes for the first few goals to be scored, an understandable display given the nerves of the day.

Penshurst soon settled into an unstoppable rhythm, with stellar performances from every athlete on their side.

Sara Kent and Marnie Wellfare dominated the shooting circle from start to finish, putting up a performance utilising holds and swift rotations of both themselves and the ball, which proved no match for even the experienced Kingsgrove defensive circle.

Sarah Kami from St Ursula’s was a shining light at the defensive end, steadying the rocking ship that was Kingsgrove on Thursday.

Penshurst’s ultimate wing defensive duo of Emma Lovric and Emma Jensen tag-teamed for half a game each in the position.

Both girls put out intense, sharp performances that played a significant part in shutting down Kingsgrove’s attack.

Finally, with their own goal count in the clouds, Marist’s Olive Tiddy used her natural athleticism and strength to take some blinding intercepts, and Olivia Logozzo put out a man of the match performance with her lightning footwork and expert timing, earning her side some all-important turnovers.

Despite the score margin, St Ursula’s were inspirational in their perseverance, and commitment to the very last whistle.

Marist coach Nicole Katrib was elated not only with her girls’ win, but with the energy and relentlessness with which they played.

The girls will now progress to the conference finals in term three.

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