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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Our Road to Emmaus

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Family educators and parents from Catholic schools in the Botany-Randwick and North Sydney-Harbour Networks gather for a retreat at Coogee. Photo: Mary Lozina

By Mary Lozina

Have you ever reflected on your path? Your journey? Have you ever felt that life keeps pushing and bumping you in every direction, leaving you little time to “stop and smell the roses?”

This is exactly how a group of family educators and parents from schools in the Botany-Randwick and North Sydney-Harbour Networks felt. Life is beautiful. Life is exciting. It is also busy, chaotic and at times, relentless.

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With this in mind, Bernadette Bridle, (Education Officer: Church Engagement for Sydney Catholic Schools) took us on a journey to the blue skies and crystal clear waters of Coogee, as we explored the story of the “Road to Emmaus,” a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of life, if only for a sweet period of time.

We started our day with the obligatory “cup of hospitality,” as we met smiling, excited faces who were ready to enter into a spiritual journey. How would the story of two disciples fretting over the passion and death of Jesus be relevant to them in the 21st Century?

Participants in the retreat day were encouraged to take a little part of Jesus from their hearts and share Him with others. Photo: Mary Lozina

Through many forms of prayer and meditation we unpacked the beauty of Jesus and his accompaniment in the lives of the disciples and in turn, our lives.

How remiss of us not to realise how close Christ was to us when we need him most! How soothing to know that Christ is always near, in times of pain and times of joy.

Our journey to the sparkling shores of Coogee Beach consolidated the day for us. The warmth of the Holy Spirit was found in every crevice of the vast land that lay before us.

Gratitude poured out of our hearts as we saw the presence of God wherever we looked. Indeed, God is good.

Family educators and parents gathered for a memorable retreat day “On the Road to Emmaus” at St Brigid’s Coogee. Photo: Mary Lozina

As we meandered back to St Brigid’s parish hall Coogee we were all inspired to “do better.” Be more mindful. Be more grateful. Pray more. Take a little part of Jesus from our hearts and share him with others who are on their personal Road to Emmaus.

We are all one family of faith, and it was a joy to reunite with our spiritual brothers and sisters in this very special way.

Mary Lozina is a Family Educator at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Mosman

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