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Leila Abdallah: A Letter from Heaven

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Danny and Leila Abdallah with children Liana, Alex, Michael and baby Selina. PHOTO: GIOVANNI PORTELLI

Dear Dad,

We know that a true leader leads by actions, not words. Thank you for being the leader of our family, resilient and selfless, no matter what you were going through.

A good father loves unconditionally and forgives without question; he serves his family and seeks to always lead them to higher ground.

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Looking at your fatherhood of us and our sisters and brothers through heaven’s eyes, we want to tell you that you are a good father.

When we were growing up, you always spent time with us individually to make us feel special. You told us you wanted to make sure our “love tank” was full and it always was.
You took us to Mass every Sunday, even when mum was sick and you had to take us on your own.

You also made sure we served those less fortunate than us at Team Jesus, teaching us to love Jesus and to see and serve Him in other people. You prayed with us in the car and taught us to pray the Rosary, giving us a love for our mother, Mary.

When you lost three of us and our sister was hit, you never gave up. When our home was robbed, you turned to God and thanked him, which taught Liana, Alex and Michael that robbery is not a big deal because there is nothing that can be taken away from you that will change God’s love for you.

When mum had a miscarriage, you encouraged her to keep trying and we have now been blessed with another beautiful sister, Selina (we love the name!)

When I was at school, I wrote an essay that said you were my superhero. Dad, you are still my supehero and the girls’ last love. I remember Angelina wrote that if she could write a story, it will be about your heart of gold and Sienna couldn’t stop telling you that you are the best dad in the world.

Dad, we love you so much.
We are so proud of you.
We are so grateful and so blessed to have an amazing father like you who lead us to heaven.
God called us to be with him. God called us home.
Thank you for preparing us.
Thank you for caring for us.
Thank you for teaching us to feed the less fortunate.
Thank you for keeping us humble.
Thank you for taking us to Church on Sunday.
Thank you for teaching us all to pray the Rosary.
Thank you for praying with us in the car.
Thank you for working hard for us.
Thank you for teaching us that life is precious and every moment counts.
Thank you for being compassionate.
Thank you for teaching me that pain is our friend.

Dad, we know that you miss us and every time you think of us you start praying.
Your prayers and your tears are collected by God and the angels.

Keep praying and keep spreading God’s message to the world. Dad, you weren’t perfect and you’ll never be perfect but thank you for trying your best with the knowledge and the circumstances you had

Dad, we love you so much and we are looking forward to the day where we all are reunited in heaven in the best place possible. We are so happy in heaven.

Thank you for being our father on earth, but now it is time to say Good bye to this world and call you my brother in Jesus as we are with our real Father.

Love from your son, Antony.


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