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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Halloween with Catholic Weekly cartoonist Paul Dorin

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Scary stuff indeed.

There are some Catholics in these parts who would be up in arms at the thought of their fellow believers celebrating Halloween: some for religious reasons; others because “this is not America”.

But the origins of Halloween have Catholic-ish roots, or do they?

Here’s what Catholic Weekly, jack-o-latern luminaries have said on the subject:

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Hallowed be thy name? Halloween’s spiritual roots
Archbishop’s Homily: offering prayers for the dead on All Souls Day

And here’s a piece about a kind of anti-Halloween that has gripped contemporary culture in recent times:
Home: Nevermind ‘Zombie Jesus’, we are the walking dead says Redeeming Flesh author Matthew Tan

Whatever you plan to do, don’t forget the Feast of All Saints (November 1) and the Feast of All Souls (November 2). They are the real business. We are the Communion of Saints after all (check out article 6).

Cartoon: Paul Dorin
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