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James Parker: You couldn’t make it up if you tried

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Israel Folau at the 2017 Rugby Championship. Photo: Flickr/
Israel Folau at the 2017 Rugby Championship. Photo: Flickr/

Israel Folau, one of Australia’s greatest rugby players, had his contract terminated weeks before the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Israel’s sin? Reminding people in a private Instagram post about, well, sin.

The Folau fallout is no small event. It is not another simple offering from the national news factory. No. It is something much deeper. And yes, sinister.

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It is a most poignant warning to the Christian community, and above all to those in positions of church leadership.

Folau’s story highlights on the world stage the next era of a very different future being deliberately forced upon Australia that must be resisted at all costs. Why? Because lives both temporal and eternal are at risk.

How do I know this? Because I was present as a gay rights’ activist at conversations by leading gay strategists from the US and the UK that outlined over three decades ago what we are seeing transpire today.

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The strategic goal was that men and women with same-sex attraction should infiltrate and take leadership within key areas of society with the purpose of using their positions to bring about homosuperiority. Yes, you read that correctly. Not homonormativity or mere equality, but homosuperiority.

These areas included the entertainment industry, mainstream media, education, politics, healthcare – especially psychology and psychiatry, the military, religion and finally sport.

There is no wonder that the fiercest battle is being waged today at the heart of one of our toughest team sports, rugby.

Homosuperiority was to be achieved by following the propaganda manifesto After The Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays In The 90s. Written by two Harvard graduates, neuropsychiatrist Marshall Kirk and public communications consultant Hunter Madsen, the manifesto has been followed meticulously, and is working exceedingly well.

Some of the manifesto’s key themes rise up consistently in the Folau debacle. Principle five of the eight laid down in After The Ball is entitled: portray gays as victims, not as aggressive challengers.

This principle encourages the use of propaganda. It states that “propaganda relies more upon emotional manipulation than upon logic, since its goal is, in fact, to bring about a change in the public’s feelings”.

Israel Folau with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the Hercules Premiere at Event Cinemas in Sydney. Photo: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0
Israel Folau with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the Hercules Premiere at Event Cinemas in Sydney. Photo: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

It goes on to say that “propaganda can be unabashedly subjective and one-sided. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this.” Cue the entrance of Rugby Australia CEO, Raelene Castle.

It states that it is acceptable to call people “homophobic” or “homo haters” whenever they fail to wholly embrace homosexual views, opinions, or behaviour. Cue the entrance of Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce.

It requires that any speech which opposes homosexual behaviour should be banned as “a clear and present danger to public order”. Cue the entrance of Senator Penny Wong and the Labor Party’s fight to severely limit the freedom of religious schools and religious adult education institutions.

Principle five ends saying that “in time, we see no reason why more and more diversity should not be introduced into the projected image” citing “drag queens, bull dykes, and other exotic elements of the gay community”. Cue the entrance of Senator Louise Pratt renowned for saying “drag queen story time is a wonderful idea”.

What we are experiencing is calculated intolerance manifest by the self-appointed tolerance police whose mantra is #LoveWins.

These are the same people who never ceased to pressure Bill Shorten to appoint a new federal minister to legalise and enforce fifty plus grey shades of non-heterosexual expression should Bill’s stay in politics have been lengthened. Thankfully, it was, ahem, shortened.

Cast your mind briefly to Taiwan. Merely a few months ago, two thirds of this small yet significant Asian nation voted against the legalisation of same-sex marriage. No nation given the opportunity to vote has spoken more clearly. And yet again, politicians this past week blatantly ignored the wishes of their people and legalised same-sex marriage.

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Australia’s own rainbow elite are well-financed. Their tentacles have infiltrated every major pillar of society, especially politics. They have global strategists behind their every step, and the backing of national corporations such as Qantas, Land Rover and the AFL.

We are led to believe that they are powerful, and even to be feared. We’re not talking about your average family member or friend who experiences same-sex attraction, who quietly works hard and struggles through life like everyone else. No. We are talking rather about an angry, factious minority that care merely about their own agenda of promoting all matters non-heterosexual.

The LGBTQI community need not be the slightest threat to Christianity and in reality they are not. Think about it. The Christian community might well challenge much of what activist rainbow warriors stand for.

However, where we are ostracised and demonised by them for our faith, we do the reverse and embrace others with open arms, inviting them to pursue holiness alongside us.

Folau’s greatest attempt at conversion has not been on the rugby pitch. It has, rather, been directly aimed at the hearts and minds of contemporary society. The most noble, worthy of conversions.

The church needs to wake up and follow his example. We are all sinners, and our sin prevents us from being united as one with God in his heavenly kingdom. This separation can at best be described as hell.

Israel Folau was right all along.

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