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20 things to do this Father’s Day

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A small gesture, such as offering to wash dad’s car, can have as big an impact as a lavish gift this Father’s Day.

In case the kids have left a Father’s Day gift to the last minute and are short on funds, here are some great ideas they can do themselves and take the pressure off you! While they won’t cost a cent they’re anything but cheap and will be more meaningful and last longer than any watch, razor or fancy wine.

For all you dads why not embrace and enjoy the day making family memories that will last a lifetime!

20 Ideas for Dad’s special day

1. Breakfast in Bed
Whip up a hearty breakfast while Dad sleeps in. There’s no better way for him to start the day than with breakfast in bed.

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2. I Love You Because…
Dad knows you all love him, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded. Write down all the reasons the kids (and you) love him and present him with your lists over breakfast.

3. Reading Time
With a busy lifestyle, sometimes there’s nothing better than drinking a fresh cup of coffee while enjoying a good book, a magazine or the Sunday paper. Set aside some time for Dad to have some quiet, stress-free reading time.

4. Shoot Some Hoops
You paid good money for that basketball hoop in the driveway, so don’t just let it rust. Get dribbling! If Dad’s not a basketball guy, try kicking around a soccer ball or batting a round or three. Just go out and play!

5. Car Wash
Guys take pride in their cars, but being there for the family doesn’t always leave enough time to care for their pride and joy so surprise Dad by hand washing his car.

Decades of research affirms that what good dads do is uniquely important and all too often ignored or missed.

6. Write Down Something Awesome He’s Taught You
What’s one lesson your father taught you that you’ll never forget? You probably have several. Write them into a beautiful card or letter to create a gift from the heart that Dad — and you — will always treasure.

7. Cut The Grass
Try mowing the lawn – it won’t cost you anything but your time, and it takes a huge load off Dad’s shoulders.

8. The Gift of Time
Sometimes, the best gift Dad could ask for is some time with his family. When everyone has such busy lifestyles, the gift of time is the most precious gift there is, and he’ll appreciate the effort everyone makes to spend some time as a family on Father’s Day.

9. Play a Board Game
Whether your Dad likes Monopoly or chess, bonding over board games is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon —just let him pick what you play.

10. Make His Favourite Meal
Ok, you might have to spend a little bit of money on this one if you don’t have the ingredients already but whipping together Dad’s favourite dinner is way cheaper (and probably healthier) than heading to a fancy restaurant. And it’s infinitely more thoughtful.

11. Have a ‘Remember When’
Sit down and do some old-fashioned reminiscing — yes, even if all the stories he wants to bring up are the embarrassing ones from when you were nine and you’ve heard them a million times.

12. TV Remote Dibs
If your family always fights over who gets the remote, give Dad a break and let him have dibs on it. He can sit back, relax and watch whatever he chooses all day long. As an added bonus, kids can be on snack patrol.

A simple barbeque lunch tradition on Father’s Day can be create a storehouse of rich family memories later on.

13. Watch the Game
Even if football isn’t your thing, it’ll mean the world to Dad if you take the time to sit down and watch his favourite sport with him. Throw in some popcorn — or better yet, hot wings and beer — as a bonus.

14. Quiet Time
Moments of peace and quiet are such a rarity for Dad in the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world. Let everyone take a deep breath and have some quiet time for reading, relaxing or meditating. You can still make it family time, just with the volume turned down.

15. Man Spa Day
Spa gifts aren’t just for Mum. Stressed out Dads deserve a little pampering, too. Light some candles, draw a bath, and pour a glass of his favourite wine. He’ll love an excuse to take a load off and relax in a warm bubble bath.

16. De-Mystify Technology
Don’t let your Dad become one of those people who thinks Twitter is a search engine. Unlock the mysteries of the Internet, download some new books onto his Kindle, or just spend some time clearing his laptop so it runs faster.

17. Screen His Go-To Movie
Find out his all-time favourite flick and let him watch it uninterrupted.

18. Fire Up the Barbecue
No matter what’s in your fridge, it’s going to be awesome when you grill it. Make Dad even happier by letting him play grill master — just set up everything for him ahead of time. He might complain about how hard he’s working, but you know deep down he loves the chance to get behind the barbie.

19. Father’s Day Name Poem
“F” is for “Fantastic,” “A” is for “Awesome,” etc. Have each of the kids create a Father’s Day name poem.

20. Owe Him One
If Dad’s not free to join you immediately for any of the awesome activities suggested so far, consider writing him up a coupon — or five — good for hangout sessions or yard work sometime in the future. Other great IOUs include a homemade meal, a trip to the beach or park, a weekend-long visit or maybe just two whole hours of being left alone to watch the game.

Happy Father’s Day!

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