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Patrick O’Shea: What young traditional Catholics can offer

The description “young, traditional, Catholic” is one that typically sends shivers down the spines of many. “Why do you attend the old Mass? Haven’t...

Fr Benjamin Saliba: I listened to our youth at WYD. We...

I have just returned from world youth day as a bus chaplain for Sydney Catholic Schools. I have had the privilege of meeting an...

Philippa Martyr: Why do young Catholics want to follow the rules?

I’m continuing to unpack our national Catholic survey results and find out more about our group of around 700 massgoing Catholics under the age of 40., of which, 79 per cent said that their enjoyment in “taking part in the service itself and experiencing the liturgy” was a very important reason for them to go to Mass regularly.

World Youth Day spirit gathers pace

Just as the joy and energy of huge events such as World Youth Day was beginning to seem a distant memory, Sydney’s young people came out in their hundreds to honour their Catholic faith and community last Sunday evening.

The occasion was the Feast of Christ the King, chosen by Pope Francis for the hosting of diocesan versions of World Youth Day, with the next international gathering scheduled for August 2023 in Lisbon.

More than 800 young people from parishes, schools, and university chaplaincies gathered from across the archdiocese with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP for Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. It was followed by a smaller gathering of around 100 young people in the cathedral hall due to pandemic restrictions.

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Young couple find happiness in their return to the faith

Becoming Catholic means living your life to honour God while truly loving your partner

Catholic newlyweds honour Sacrament during Pandemic

Couples wanting to marry may feel discouraged by the restrictions on traditional celebrations imposed by COVID. But for young Victorian Catholics not even a...

YouTuber runs the race with faith

A young Sydney Catholic combines her talents in a unique social media outreach.
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