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Seek the lost treasure: US scholar’s pitch to Sydney Catholics

Second Reclaiming Evangelisation speaker issues stirring call to seek the lost 'treasure' of those outside the church.

New translations of the Lectionary

Reading Time: 3 minutes“Dear Father, I read with interest your article about gender ideology applied to language. Here in Ireland the Church has decided to use the Revised New Jerusalem Bible for the lectionary, citing its use of inclusive language. In that Bible I don’t like the absence of pronouns and the use of the […]
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Catechists needed: to apply, pray now

Teresa Lattouf says that living with a disability has not stopped her from living her childhood dream of being a teacher and sharing the most important lessons she has ever learnt.

Simcha Fisher: Weeping while we sow

For whatever reason, I was struck today by a line I've heard hundreds of times: Although they go forth weeping, carrying the seed to be sown, They...

Q&A with Scripture scholar Dr Mary Healy

  As the international speaker and Scripture scholar prepares to address the Archdiocese of Sydney via Zoom this month, Dr Mary Healy answered some questions...

Calling our parishes to make disciples

Following the great success of the launch of the ‘Reclaiming Evangelisation’ expert talk series with Bishop Robert Barron last November, the Parish Renewal Team...

Cuppa Time Reflections inspire and build community across the oceans

Not every parish priest gets invitations to publish their reflections in the local newspaper, but for Fr Martin Maunsell it’s happened more than once. Former...

Mark Shea: The Named and Unnamed in the Gospels

This is part three of a series about names in Scripture Last time we looked at how the gospels use names as a way of...

Mark Shea: Names in the Gospels

Last time in this space we looked at the spiritual meaning of names in Scripture.  But there is another aspect to names, particularly in...

Mark Shea: What’s in a Name?

Names are a big deal in Scripture. Hebrew culture and tradition saw names as more than mere labels to slap on people and things...
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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Statement on the need to protect faith...

A statement from the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP For the past two years society has been stopped in time. We...

PM pushed 3-parent IVF