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Mass reform’s 60 years of ‘triumphs and traumas’

After six decades since Vatican II, ACU Professor Clare Johnson will lectue on the “significant aspects” of the reform on Sacred Liturgy.

Bringing heart and head together at Mass

The Mass is the “source and summit” of our Christian life, where we gather each Sunday to receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.

Breathing through both lungs

Eastern bishop urges members to beware a worldly spirit at Council The Plenary Council must not listen only to the “intellectual and theological elite”, and...

Melto D’Moronyo: When eternity enters into time

The Maronite Liturgy: what can we do but share in the self-offering of the Lamb? The Divine Liturgy of the Christian churches is best understood...

Mass guide instructs and inspires

Archbishop Fisher OP has launched a stunning publication explaining the beauty and meaning of the Catholic Mass.
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