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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Mass guide instructs and inspires

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From left, archdiocesan Sacramental Life and RCIA coordinator Simon Yeak, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP and SCE director Daniel Ang. Photo: Patrick J Lee

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP last Sunday launched a stunning publication which explains in simple terms the beauty and meaning of the Catholic Mass.

The 28-page colour booklet was originally a project to accompany non-Catholics coming to the faith and new Catholics, but will also be attractive for anyone wanting to understand better or be inspired again by the source and summit of the Church’s life.

It is produced by the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation and comes with a nihil obstat, plus an imprimatur from Bishop Richard Umbers who has endorsed its use across the archdiocese including in parishes, schools and university chaplaincies.

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Archbishop Fisher launched the resource in the Cathedral College Hall following a special Mass last Sunday to welcome the new Catholics who entered the Church at Easter.
He told them it had been a privilege to witness the “defining moment” in their lives, and recommended the small but “rich” resource to help them unpack the beauty of the Mass.

“The Catholic Mass explains the purpose of the Mass and its parts, and blends beautiful classical imagery with contemporary design and inspiring words from some of the saints …”

“I pray that this will assist your active participation in the sacred liturgy,” he said.
The Catholic Mass explains the purpose of the Mass and its parts, and blends beautiful classical imagery with contemporary design and inspiring words from some of the saints and the Catechism of the Catholic Church about the Mass, the Eucharist, and prayer.

It is also aimed at supporting worship as a foundational dimension of parish renewal as expressed in the archdiocese’s mission plan Go Make Disciples.

“We are ever conscious that the life of Christian discipleship calls for ongoing formation and understanding as we enter into the mysteries of God,” said the Director of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation Daniel Ang.

“I hope that this guide to the Mass will assist not only those who have been recently received into the Church in Sydney but also many others – our families at home, our Catholic schools and families, family educators, sacramental coordinators and those involved in the RCIA, and catechists among others.

“It is also offered as a resource to assist our priests and deacons in their ministry so that the beauty and solemnity of the liturgy is better known and the grace of the sacraments is received with greater faith and growing understanding.”

Archdiocesan Sacramental Life and RCIA coordinator for the Life, Marriage and Family team Simon Yeak, who authored the booklet said that it had been a labour of love and he hoped The Catholic Mass “helps people to come to a closer and deeper encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, who calls every man, woman and child to experience His unconditional love”.

Designer Charbel Azzi said he enjoyed the challenge of helping the booklet look and feel as beautiful as an accompaniment to the sacred liturgy deserves.

“Working on this booklet made me appreciate how profound and deep the Mass is. By breaking down and summarising the events of the Mass I hoped to make it accessible and provide help to others on their journey through it.”

Sydney parishes will be sent a free copy of The Catholic Mass for review and the booklet will be available for bulk order at the Mustard Seed Bookshop and online at

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