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Relationship repair always has two sides

Periods of disconnection are an unfortunate part of every marriage. Relationship Repair takes both an initiator and receiver.

Marriage in the wilderness

We’ve heard the story many times: following his baptism by John, Jesus spends forty days in the desert. What strikes us is the juxtaposition...

Making Time For Your Marriage

By Mike and Alicia Hernon When it comes to making time for your marriage, it can seem impossible. Kids, work, sports practices, recitals…so many things...

It’s not hard to find Mr Right, just change your perspective

Wow, a can of worms was opened last week – if Facebook engagements are anything to go by! When Anna Hitchings’ Catholic Weekly opinion...

For want of a lot of good men

We are living in a unique time in history. Never has politics been so polarised, never has mainstream society come so near to amorality...
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