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Crisis on the Armenian frontline

Amid the unexpected horror of seeing a mass of starving, shell-shocked refugees pour into an Armenian border town, it was the children’s toys piled high on top of people’s cars that broke Sue Carter’s heart.

Castle Hill’s Angels of Love

“When we first arrived, my wife and I spoke very little English,” Anh said. “Often Mr D’Arcy would come down to our flat in the...

Martyn Iles: Help a refugee? Love them

Among Christians, a debate about Nauru rarely gets far before someone invokes Jesus. His parable of the Good Samaritan, His command to love our...

A Perla of a Success

From the moment Perla Akram started at Clancy Catholic College she stood out. Not for the fact she had fled more than 13,000kms from her...

Improving life for refugees, one swim stroke at a time

Twenty-seven year-old Sophie is grateful she has been able to indulge her love of swimming since she arrived in Australia as a refugee from...
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