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A New Day, A New Year – A Maronite Mum

Every year since Social Media started to be a dominant factor in everyone’s life, when certain dates approach we see the same messages about...

Blog from a Maronite Mum: Managing the juggling act in lockdown

I have three children under five years old and my eldest daughter started preschool at the beginning of 2021 while my other children were...

The Maronite Mum: Dear Husband

Liza Abouharb, Sydney's Maronite Mum, writes a letter to her husband as they celebrate five years of marriage. Dear husband, I was going to write about...

The Maronite Mum: Children at Church

Liza Abouharb, the Maronite Mum, reflects on a story parents are all too familiar with... Mass with young children I could sit here and start...

The Maronite Mum: I Went to Confession

I went to confession today and for me it is such a big deal that I decided to write about it. I went to confession...
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