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New Catholics, new families, new initiatives for life in 2023

In 2023, the Life, Marriage and Family (LMF) team in the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation celebrated the dignity of life and families.

A blessing for mums and mums-to-be

Over 200 glowing expectant mums and hopeful mums-to-be took a rare pause at the Archdiocese of Sydney’s annual Mass for Expectant Mothers.

A millennium of loving marriage

More than a thousand families and friends celebrated the significant anniversaries of 60 couples at St Mary’s Cathedral on 22 October—over 1000 total years of marriage!

Married couples called to recall and renew their love

Sneha Saverimuttu, 38, and her husband and Mario, 36, married in 2019 after long years of “holding on for the Catholic spouse” but their early life together hasn’t been as they hoped. At the time she met her husband Mrs Saverimuttu was grieving her father, who died unexpectedly on a family holiday aged 59.

Baptism resource to bring sacrament alive

The Sydney Centre for Evangelisation (SCE) has produced a landmark new resource on the sacrament of baptism, highlighting the central part it plays in the life of Christians and helping Catholics and non-Catholics alike in answering some common questions they may have about it.

Camino of St Joseph draws nearly five hundred

They set off as strangers but arrived as brothers. More than 450 men hit the streets of Sydney for the Camino of St Joseph 2023 last weekend, an overnight pilgrimage in honour of the patron saint of fathers.

RCIA candidates declare their intent to become Catholic

If Christianity is supposed to be of less and less interest to modern people and less and less relevant to modern life, someone had...

Lay life in all its wonder

By David Harrison The Life Marriage and Family team facilitated local celebrations of the World Meeting of Families which included a self-directed pilgrimage where families...

New marriage course ‘turns on the lights’ for couples

Although Seb and Kath Dell’Orefice have been together for 15 years, civilly married for 12 years and have had five children between them, it...

Men’s public witness to Christ

The 2022 Camino of St Joseph, an overnight pilgrimage for men traversing Sydney’s spiritual landscape, drew 150 brave souls seeking a spiritual challenge –...

Sydney Centre for Evangelisation takes the faith online

A range of initiatives taking place across the Archdiocese of Sydney is aimed at helping Catholics rediscover their Christian discipleship.

The 10:10 Project: A safe space to talk about life and...

The 10:10 Project is a new program designed to give Year 10 Catholic students a forum to talk freely about society and life in an...
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