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The eschatological nature of the church

The church’s eschatological nature can be explained this way—the pilgrim church, which set out on its journey after Christ’s ascension, will be visibly united with the heavenly church at the end of time, when humanity and all creation will be re-established in Christ, writes Fr Eliah Abboud.

Becoming a living icon of the Lord

This is the edited text of the homily given by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP for the Mass for Consecrated Life at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, 21 May 2024.

Divine Mercy overflows at bush shrine

Catholics with a devotion to God’s mercy as expressed by 20th century mystic St Faustina Kowalska kept priests busy with confession on the second Sunday of Easter for the Divine Mercy feast day.

Behold, the man! How playing Jesus is a Passion project for...

Passion play actors who literally walk with, and as Christ, on Good Friday are transformed through the experience and touched by the effects on others.

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Papal primacy in history

Dear Fr John Flader, You have written that the primacy of the Pope in the Church is clear in Scripture. Is there any evidence in the first centuries that the rest of the Church accepted this primacy?

Parish joy as Bosića, 85, finally receives the Lord

At 85 years of age Bosića Esposito was more than ready for her first Holy Communion. Deaf, mute and unable to read or write she...

Croydon parish catechises for Christmas

In preparing for the birth of Jesus, St Joseph’s Maronite Church are delivering a family-oriented Christmas program.

Nativity sets put faith in the front yard

With Advent just weeks away, Catholic families are ditching Santa, Rudolph and candy canes for the Holy Family

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #11

Authentically Christian accompaniment has a direction and destination, namely, Jesus Christ.

Simcha Fisher: Why not worship Zeus instead?

There is an account on the platform formerly known as Twitter, which shares posts encouraging people to worship Greek gods. For real.

Anthony Cleary: ‘What does it mean to be Catholic?’ Here’s my...

At a time when objective truths are increasingly contested and language is weaponised for the purposes of ideology, it is appropriate to re-affirm what it means to be Catholic. Each Sunday Catholics profess a belief in “one, holy, catholic and apostolic” church and affirm a core set of beliefs in a creed that dates to the early church.

Guy Zangari: The essence of a Catholic School

Catholic Education has a long-standing reputation within the community and in the faculty of education as a system of schools that produces results and...
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