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Jesus overcomes every darkness, Archbishop tells those celebrating Easter

Come out of the tomb with me, Jesus says to all humanity today, Rise up to everlasting life and love!,” the Archbishop reminded worshippers on Easter Sunday morning.

Joanne Navarra: Our beautiful God led me to teach

Joanne tells about sharing the Good News in schools As a catechist running religion classes in a Sydney public primary school, Joanne Navarra says her...

Stopping sacramental ‘freefall’ with Go Make Disciples plan

Archbishop Fisher looks mission plan to renew church life across Sydney.

Mary is mother, not ‘co-redeemer’, says Pope

Pope Francis speaks of the Catholic attitude towards Mary, prays for NSW flood victims.

Mark Shea: Blessed are the Peacemakers and the Persecuted

Part 4 of Mark’s series exploring the Beatitudes One of the little oddities of Scripture is that the traditional reading of it tends to smooth...

Mark Shea: Blessed are the hungry, the merciful, and the pure

Part 3 of Mark’s series exploring the Beatitudes We continue our look at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 by again noticing both their similarities and...

Mark Shea: Blessed are the poor, mourning and meek

Part 2 of Mark's series exploring the Beatitudes One of the first things to note about the Beatitudes is that there are two sets of...

Mark Shea: Introduction to the Beatitudes

Matthew is a very subtle writer.  A lot of people are not aware of the clever structure of his gospel. Matthew is writing as a...

Daniel Ang: Opportunities amid the crisis

Pandemic hit the Church but also spurred new initiatives More than one year since the global pandemic took hold it is clear that the disruption...

Mark Shea: Sacramental time awaits

This can be a wonderful year, if we cooperate with grace When Jesus was beginning his ministry in Nazareth, he started by going into the...
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Loving care until the end

Taking care of her dying mother in her own home is something Melbourne woman Ingrid Kuebler never dreamed she could do.

Haven of healing and hope