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The Catholic difference: Donum ministries

In the corporate sphere, it would be unthinkable to have your “competitors” supporting your work but it makes perfect sense for Catholics, writes Monica Doumit.

Khiara Squires: Why our children were denied an opportunity to meet...

: The church’s teachings were shamefully silenced in Catholic schools on account of those who felt challenged by the pro-chastity message of visiting US Catholic evangelist Jason Evert, writes Khiara Squires.

Evert a success with students and parents

Despite recent controversy, international author and speaker Jason Evert began his time down under speaking to more than 1500 students and parents across Sydney to with positive responses from both parties.

Monica Doumit: Evert talk urgently needed

One would think that a speaker who challenges the narrative that young women need to make themselves more sexually attractive to be worthy of love is exactly what is needed at a time when we are seeing the devastating mental health impacts of girls placing their value in the number of “likes” they receive for their selfies, writes Monica Doumit.

Tomasz’s dream becomes reality with launch of Donum Ministries

Liverpool local Tomasz Juszczak has realised a 14 year dream with the launch of his new apostolate Donum Ministeries aimed at sharing the love of Christ to teens and young adults.

All ears for Evert’s ‘hard chat’ on sex and gender

Renowned Speaker Jason Evert deliver the “hard chat” on gender and sexuality to 200 parenst and teenagers at a family retreat.

Fradd & Evert kick off Summer Series

The Archdiocese of Sydney’s 2023-24 Summer Series kicked off with a series of powerhouse performances, sold out events and rockstar welcomes.

Relationships at a crossroads, Evert says

On the eve of his arrival in Australia, Catholic author and speaker Jason Evert believes families are at a crossroads of culture and faith.

Summer series brings big names to Sydney

Buckle up Australia! The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney is bracing for a star-studded dose of theological and spiritual nourishment from three of the most prominent voices in the Catholic world.
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