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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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The latest “Folau moment” shows what’s needed from a real discrimination...

NSW Swifts netball star Samantha Wallace-Joseph had a “Folau moment” this week after objecting to President Joe Biden declaring Easter Sunday to be Transgender Day of Visibility and quickly issued an apology. If the government’s proposed new religious discrimination bill won’t protect the likes of Wallace-Joseph, Monica Doumit asks if there is any point to them at all?

Discrimination law: let the Spirit prevail

Conversation about religious freedom will continue Politicians and the media have become accustomed during the religious freedom debate to the term “Australians of faith”. It’s...

Woke brigade trapped in their own logic

Progressive commentators and sporting executives have been rivalling Cirque du Soleil contortionists this week as they have had to decide what to do about Haneen Zreika.

Monica Doumit: So what’s fit and proper?

It's illuminating what the NRL will and won't tolerate Who knew that you needed to pass a “fit and proper” person test to be registered...

Bid to protect freedom against unfair claims

Proposed changes to NSW anti-discrimination laws could be brought to Parliament as early as June.

Fr John Flader: Are Bushfires God’s punishment?

Father John Flader answers an important question, "Are the bushfires God's punishment?" Regarding the recent bushfires in Australia, I wonder if God has removed his...

One reason the ALP lost the election: Christophobia

As to why the Labor Party lost the unlosable May election and why Scott Morrison is still Prime Minister and not Bill Shorten the...

Monica Doumit: Protecting the next Folau

With federal parliament resuming on Monday, attention will no doubt turn to the government’s Religious Discrimination Bill and the move to provide some small...

Monica Doumit: Deafening silence from business

With it being the front page of every newspaper, the top story on every news bulletin, and countless talkback radio commentators and callers putting...

It’s not just Israel Folau’s future that’s at stake

Now is not the time for silence If you haven't joined the dots, let me help you. As I write, it is the end of...

Howard enters fray on religious freedom

Former prime minister warned against removing exemptions in anti-discrimination laws.

James Parker: You couldn’t make it up if you tried

Israel Folau, one of Australia’s greatest rugby players, had his contract terminated weeks before the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Israel’s sin? Reminding people in a...
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