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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: The Lord’s chosen Arises

“The Son of Man must be lifted up, like the serpent Moses lifted up in the desert” (Jn 3:14). It’s an extraordinary thing for Jesus to compare Himself with a snake, for in the ancient world serpent-gods were amongst the worst. Apep, the Egyptian god of chaos, took the form of a serpent.

Melto D’Moronoyo: Love and forgiveness have the power to heal us...

The words of healing that Christ spoke to the paralytic are the epitome of true love: “My son, your sins are forgiven.” Yet we remain “paralysed” in so many areas of life, writes Salwa Elias

Retreats open a pathway from grief to grace for abuse survivors

A faith-based retreat program called Grief to Grace is offering healing to people who have experienced physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual abuse and trauma within church, family, workplace or other contexts

Melto D’Moronoyo: Jesus is alive in our suffering

Whether miniscule or massive, hardships we encounter in our lives can trigger a cycle of doubt, anxiety, and loneliness. We can convince ourselves that we lack the graces required to ask God for help, or deem ourselves unworthy of aid.

Melto D’Moronoyo: The haemorrhaging woman shows Christ heals with a touch

By Anne-Marie Boudib According to the Maronite Lectionary, the third Sunday in Lent offers us the reading of the haemorrhaging woman. It follows the trend...

The Art of Apology

By Francine & Byron Pirola Have you ever experienced the situation when someone has apologised but, while the words were said it lacked something, making...

Founder of abortion-healing ministry Project Rachel dies, 72

US Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee said the life and work of Project Rachel founder Vicki Thorn, who died unexpectedly on 20 April, stand...

Pope addresses supporters from hospital

Hundreds gathered at Rome's Gemelli hospital to greet Pope Francis in his first public appearance following surgery.

God’s plan for my life

Our Lady of Lourdes new Family Educator reflects on his faith, family, the road to God and answering His call with a passion to...

Bridget Sakr reaches out to grieving families

Veronique's mother is leading weekly online gatherings to help others bring their grief to prayer.

At Lourdes, faith and miracles spring forth

By Paul De Marco I can still vividly remember standing at the grotto at Massabielle for the 6am outdoor mass on a chilly November morning...

Love’s power told at Lourdes Day Mass

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP was the principal celebrant at the annual Lourdes Day Mass in St Mary’s Cathedral last weekend.
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