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Dr Kevin Donnelly: Culture, not science or skepticism, will fulfil us

Among the most insidious and destructive aspects of Marxism and its recent manifestations cultural-Marxism and absolutist secularism is how the end always justifies the means and how any sense of the spiritual and the transcendent is lost.

Writer on a mission to re-fire Catholic imagination

The fourth biennial Catholic Imagination Conference, bringing together Catholic poets, novelists and artists for two days of readings, panels, workshops and fellowship, was held...

Toxic Warning

Australia’s first and oldest parliament, described by those in power as a cornerstone of our nation’s democracy is today in disarray, caught in a...

Dumping Western civilisation: the difference Christianity makes

When distinguishing between one’s contemporary culture and those that are foreign and in the past the English scholar and Catholic historian Christopher Dawson argues...

Kevin Donnelly: Liberal Arts will outlast the academy’s decay

While published in 1995, Christopher Lasch in The Revolt of the Elites makes a number of prescient points about what is now known as cancel-culture. Years before neo-Marxist-inspired critical theory become the new orthodoxy Lasch warned about how minority groups were challenging Western societies. Lasch writes in relation to American colleges and universities: “Having discredited […]

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Cultural differences bring school community together

St Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary School Auburn South is leading the way in cultural diversity with its students hailing from 32 different nationalities,...

Peter Rosengren: The most dangerous thing in the world

In a world that's turned upside-down, believing Catholic families remain an untapped power Recent events on a range of fronts have communicated ever more forcefully...

Anthony Cleary: The challenge for all is to not be silent

Today, most Australians are familiar with the phrase, ‘no means no’. Despite this, it appears that’s there is a growing number of people who...

Love People, Use Things

The Culture Project dreams of a culture where “the dignity of the human person is at the forefront of every relationship, law and societal...

Simcha Fisher: When fighting a war, don’t destroy what you’re defending

How to stay human when the whole world seems at odds Long before election day, I gave up trying to change anybody's mind about politics....

Play to benefit two great causes

A new production of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame opens in Sydney.
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