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Alex’s journey across Christianity to Catholicism

From Eastern Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism to Catholicism, Alex Limneos has found his spiritual home and is now helping the next generation of young Catholics find theirs.

Rite of Election 2024: New Catholics, Easter wouldn’t be the same...

Nearly 300 catechumens seeking baptism and candidates hoping to be received into full communion, were presented to Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on 18 February at the Rite of Election at St Mary’s Cathedral.

From Freemason to faithful Catholic: Gabriel Donleavy’s journey to Rome

Former Freemason Gabriel Donleavy found himself drawn to the Catholic Church's beauty and the goodness of its members

Marinko’s road from rebellion to redemption

Marinko Crnjac always chose rebellion over religion, until he was on his deathbed. Then something unexpected happened: “I saw Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and I felt like my soul had left my body and passed through purgatory and its suffering souls."

The supernatural sets Hollywood star’s sight on Heaven

Joelle Maryn had the world at her feet. Poised on a Hollywood rooftop before cameras and lights, in an elaborate gown worth thousands of...

Q and A with Fr Flader: Have many Jews become Christians...

The effort of Jewish converts to bring other Jews into the Church has a long history, going back to the early Church, Fr Flader explains

Catholic Discipleship in a Change of Age

While Christianity has been at the root of many aspects of Western culture, and many of the social institutions that emerged from this Christian...

A Conversion story: Shia beauty of faith

54 years after his death, Padre Pio works another wonder in Hollywood actor’s life Hollywood Actor Shia LaBeouf has opened up about his conversion to...

Last train out of Sydney…how I found the Catholic faith

'Turn on, tune-in and drop out' they said in the 60s. James Orrock tried that - but still found himself searching A long, long time ago...

Karl Schmude: Christmas and the Cathedral

One Christmas Day an unhappy French teenager walked into the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.  He came to High Mass, more out of...

Editorial: A report, a conversion and God’s good grace

Two events took place in October which expressed and revealed something of the fundamental crises facing the Church in the modern world. The first was...

Book review: The Great Discovery

Fascinating story of a prominent couple's conversion In Ulf Ekman, a former Protestant pastor – whom some described as the Billy Graham of Sweden -...
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