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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence has reached the Catholic Church

Vatican documents reveal an artificial intelligence program called Magisterium AI is being rolled out to help users easily find answers to questions of faith.

Pope clarifies meaning of controversial same-sex blessings text

Pope Francis again insisted that an informal blessing of a gay or other unmarried couple is not a blessing of their union.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Blessing same-sex couples

Dear Fr John Flader, I understand that the Vatican has recently approved blessings for same-sex couples. How can the Church change its mind? 

New Vatican letter fuels tensions with German bishops over reform

Tensions between Rome and German bishops are again intensifying after the latter were informed that the church's teaching are non-negotiable.

Philippa Martyr: What our schools teach kids has eternal consequences

I dove back into the Catholics in Australia survey to see if there were other ways Catholic schooling might relate to how you believe, behave and belong to the Church.

George Weigel: Save the Synod from its working document!

The first words of the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church—one of the council’s two most important texts—signaled a decisive development in Catholic self-understanding.

Mark Shea: What is a heresy?

The first of three-part series on heresy Modernity has been conditioned to think of orthodoxy as a stiff and stodgy thing, closed to new ideas...

Bishop Richard Umbers: Sensus fidei is much more than a feeling

One thing the Church must never lose sight of is keeping Christ at the centre of all She does. And this applies to every...

The Plenary, Catholic doctrine and ‘Catholics for Renewal’

The Plenary Council 2020/21 is an opportunity for the Catholic Church in Australia to refocus on its primary mission which is that of evangelisation....

Don’t lose heart when the Church fails us

While the Church has never been free of conflict and argument, a major problem of the modern era originates in what might loosely be...

Simcha Fisher: It’s our job to teach the Church’s doctrine, and...

Another day, another essay about the cruel, unjust, inflexible Church forcing innocent people to suffer. We hear, for instance, that the Church wants women to...

Paul Green MLC: Keeping SRE is vitally important for kids

I believe Special Religious Education (SRE) also known as scripture classes is a vital program that belongs in NSW schools. It is concerning to...
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