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Radiant in the GULAG and elsewhere

No woman of our Catholic moment embodied this Christocentric fidelity – opening doors to Christ, accompanying him to Calvary, living in the joy of the Resurrection – than Sister Nijolė Sadūnaitė, who died, appropriately, on Easter Sunday, March 31.

Ugandan family reunited after six anxious years of separation

Six agonising years of separation have ended for Catholic couple Morris Mukasa and Teddy Nakalembe with the safe arrival of their children in Sydney.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: History proved Gamaliel right

Dear Father, I have always admired the intervention of the Jewish rabbi Gamaliel in defence of the apostles in chapter 5 of the Acts. How much do we know about him? And was he important?

Red lights shine for modern martyrs

“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church,” wrote Tertullian in the second century. Nearly two millennia later Australia has remembered...

Persecution to levels near genocide, new ACN report declares

Jihadists and nationalists have driven rates of Christian persecution to extreme levels approaching genocide in some countries around the world, according to a new...

Peter Holmes: Stand up for faith but hold the outrage

By Peter Holmes Another week, another lynch mob howling for the sacking of a public figure after he said something they didn’t like. Not so long...

Terror attacks on Christians rising

The head of Aid to the Church in Need has warned the persecution of Christians is getting worse.

Pakistan releases Asia Bibi

Pakistani authorities have freed Asia Bibi, a Catholic woman acquitted of blasphemy.

Tears and prayers for Sri Lanka

Sydney’s Sri Lankan Catholic community has received an outpouring of love in its moment of devastation, according to its chaplain Father Chaminda Wanigasena. Together with...
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