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Fridays bring faith with a Filet-O-Fish

Every Friday afternoon for more than 40 years Kevin Teo has walked through the doors of a McDonald’s for a ‘Filet-O-Fish’ burger.

Bishop Richard Umbers: Let’s bring back processions

Earlier this year, Dr Tom Elich, editor of Liturgy News, asked how we might rehabilitate the tradition of processions in the life of the church in Australia. This followed upon his observation that we readily take to the streets to make a point, singing and marching with placards and banners.

Unveiling a desire for the God of beauty

We spoke to four Sydney women about what led them to embracing more traditional styles of dress.

Shrove Tuesday: a time for prayer … and pancakes

We thought we'd republish this article with a simple and yummy recipe for pancakes. Enjoy your Shrove Tuesday! Once a solemn reminder of the coming...
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