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Fr John Flader: Mrs Peterson’s conversion

In 2019 Tammy, who had been baptised a Protestant, was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of kidney cancer which is 100 per cent fatal.

Greg Sheridan tells the ‘greatest story’ at second Labouré Lecture

Greg Sheridan spoke about his “coming out” as a Catholic in the media at the 2nd Labouré Lecture at St Catherine Labouré, Gymea.

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #9

In order for the Church to advance her noble mission in the world, she remains in continuous need of deeply learned, faithful, and innovative leaders, within the Church and throughout the wider culture.

Natalia embarks on her first World Youth Day with confidence in...

Suffering has taught Natalia Matar a lot about herself and she says she is fully prepared for whatever God has in store for her first-ever pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Lisbon.

Lord of the Dance: Dancing with the Stars’ Mark Wilson opens...

God wants to take our hand and lead us in a dance, while our challenge is to follow his lead. That’s Dancing with the Stars judge Mark Wilson’s take on his Catholic faith. The reality TV star spoke to The Catholic Weekly about his life-long faith for the first time while preparing for another season of his long-running show.

Philippa Martyr: Without hope, Catholic frazzle comes for us all

Are you hanging on to the church by your fingernails? You can tell me to buzz off, but I’m genuinely interested. I know a lot of Catholics who have slid over the years from solid fervour into a state of daily Catholic frazzle. Admittedly, a lot has gone on. The ongoing clergy sexual abuse issue has hurt many Catholics. The Royal Commission was hard work. The trial of Cardinal George Pell was hard work.

‘Tweeting with God’ priest answers the tough questions

Does the Big Bang theory rule out faith in God? Was Jesus a vegan? What’s wrong with birth control? Why should I believe in God? These are questions young people are asking all over the world and they deserve answers that will help them understand the Catholic faith and respond to God’s invitation to them, says Dutch priest Fr Michael Remery.

A birth that invites contemplation of all

The question at the heart of Christmas two thousand years after the birth of Christ in a small town in a far-flung corner of...

Festival of service and faith

A colourful celebration of faith and the power it has to bring people together was held at Parliament House in Sydney this week. Fifty people,...

Dawson Centre hosts first Sydney Dinner

The renaissance of interest across all ages and backgrounds in the importance of Christianity and its contribution to civilization was on display as Sydneysiders...

Gothic revival inspired by a vision of faith

The arrival of our first Archbishop saw a church become a cathedral and was accompanied by his vision. He desired a building that would...

Mass guide instructs and inspires

Archbishop Fisher OP has launched a stunning publication explaining the beauty and meaning of the Catholic Mass.
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