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Philippa Martyr: When children walk away from the Faith

When you choose to keep your Catholic faith and pray for your children, everyone wins.

Campion’s Winter Workshops

Campion College, Australia’s first tertiary liberal arts college, has announced they will offer free workshops over the winter school holidays, between 13 and 17...

Homeless at home

Charity begins at home has been given a whole new meaning for students across the archdiocese. The Family Educator Team have thrown their support behind raising...

Cathedral welcomes new Catholics

Newcomers to the Church inspire laity and clergy alike with their commitment despite obstacles.

What Zola did on Monday

After selling more than 1 million books in Australia alone, author Melina Marchetta has just released one of her most challenging titles to date...

Giving the gift of gratitude

“Never worry about anything; but tell God all your desires of every kind in prayer and petition shot through with gratitude.” The message of Philippians...

Sydney Catholic Schools Boss goes Facebook LIVE

And we’re back! Schools are allowed to reopen from Monday 25 May. And with that fantastic news, Sydney Catholic Schools Executive Director Tony Farley in collaboration...

Year 12 2020- The year I didn’t see coming

The overall experience of isolation due to COVID-19 has been an especially interesting one, for me and most people in Australia. The experience is...

10 reasons you should visit your church today

For many Catholics across Sydney churches reopening, even only for small numbers, is the answer to all their prayers. Once again, we can gather with...

Life to the full despite infertility pain

New book shares personal stories not often told in the Church.
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Service before self

Looking out across at the Botanical Gardens from his Macquarie Street office, he reclines back in his leather chair while chatting warmly, arms waving...

Brothers in Arms