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The danger of schism in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is currently facing a tumultuous period in its history with several areas where a schism could occur.

Syro-Malabar Catholic Church’s deadline to solve liturgy dispute

The crisis-ridden Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in India has set a deadline to solve its decades-old liturgy dispute.

Fr Flader: What is a basilica?

I was in Rome in Holy Week and visited three major basilicas there, including St Peter’s. Can you please tell me exactly what a basilica is, and how it differs, for example, from a cathedral?

Pope Francis talks to 100 Buddhist monks about salvation

Pope Francis met with a delegation of 100 monks from Thailand and the President of the Dominican Republic to discuss salvation and bilateral relations.

Philippa Martyr: An overview of the Australian Catholic Mass Attendance Report

A comprehensive five-yearly report shows that the Catholic Church in Australia lost about a third of all its Massgoing Catholics from 2016-2021, but there is good news for the church's future as well, writes Philippa Martyr in this first look at the report.

Synodality: A surprisingly strong response to a world in crisis

Have you ever thought of what a strong response to a world in crisis would look like, especially from the Catholic Church? What the pope suggests, may just be the way forward.

Issues facing Ghana are brought to the Vatican

Pope Francis meets with Vice President of Ghana at the Vatican to discuss strong relations, the Catholic church and education challenges.

How an extrovert survived a silent retreat

Did the extroverted, laptop- and phone- addicted Monica Doumit survive switching off and going on a silent retreat?

Data confirms Catholic Church in Asia and Africa growing exponentially

Credit: Rome Reports New data from the church's Central Statistical Office confirms that the Catholic Church in Asia and Africa continues to grow exponentially. It remains...

The church and the world need women’s contributions, pope says

The Catholic Church and the world itself need the gifts and contributions of women, especially in bringing people together and overcoming tensions and violence, Pope Francis wrote.

Did Christ intend to found the Church, or just preach the...

Some Protestants believe that Christ did not found a visible, hierarchical Church, but that he only preached the Kingdom of God, and it was the early Christians in different places who gradually formed themselves into communities of believers. Is this true?

New Sydney Catholics flock to Cathedral with RCIA numbers tripling in...

On 18 February, 25-year-old Ezekiel Ling will be one of nearly 300 new Catholics welcomed to the faith at St Mary’s Cathedral for the Rite of Election Liturgy
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