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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Sydney Mum’s Catholic Kids Book

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The Catholic Mum leading children to Christ.

To win a copy of Let’s Celebrate Mass Today go follow the Sydney Archdiocese Instagram page @SydArchdiocese and send us a message there telling us you have entered!

Teaching our children to live the faith is one of the most important things we can do for them, and it’s something mother of three Danielle Binny takes very seriously.

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It was for Danielle’s children, six-year-old Isaiah, four-year-old Zachariah and 20-month-old Zayli,  and all other Catholic children that she wrote “Let’s Celebrate at Mass Today.” A Catholic children’s book purpose written for passing on the Catholic faith.

“When I had my own kids, I wanted to educate them at home during their early years and I wanted God to be a part of this education,” said Danielle. “I didn’t want God to just be a part of their routine, I want my kids to love God, to be excited about him, to enjoy prayer and conversation with him.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6.

“One day after Adoration I found, on a table at the door of the church, the testimony of Catalina Rivas – The Holy Mass explained to Catalina by Jesus and Mary. After reading her testimony, you cannot imagine ever missing a Mass.

“I felt that I was being told to get on with it, remind others WHY we go to Mass, remind others that Christ is the reason we celebrate Mass and not to worry about the little things, God will sort it all out.”

Danielle’s book takes children on a journey through the Mass, revealing to them the presence of Jesus in the book, the Mass and their lives.

“God definitely made it all happen”

“God definitely made it all happen,” said Danielle. “Let’s Celebrate at Mass Today was written in such a way that it helps children and parents draw attention to and find joy in different areas of the celebration of the Mass.”

Isaiah is now a kindergarten student at St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Belfield where he will be joined next year by brother Zachariah.

“I always wanted my children to attend a Catholic School,” said Danielle. “It has always been important to me to ensure that God is always included and is always a priority in my child’s life.”

“I believe that a Catholic education should be a part of every aspect of a child’s life, at home, at school and in play.

“A Catholic education is not just beneficial to a child in their lifetime, A Catholic education will benefit them for eternity.”

Danielle says the response to her book has been very positive, particularly amongst mothers and grandmothers.

Most mums love the illustrations as they reflect real life and help young children connect the story to what they see when they are actually present at Mass. They also love that the story is simple, easy to read and most importantly they love the illustrations of the presence of Christ himself. The illustration of the Consecration is a crowd favourite.

Let’s Celebrate At Mass today is on Instagram and can be purchased at Pray and Bloom is a brand new Catholic online store opened by a Mum, here in Sydney, driven by a growing demand for quality Catholic resources for children. 

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