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Hundreds of men turn out for dads’ talks with menALIVE founder Robert Falzon

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A father puts a question to menALIVE co-founder and author Robert Falzon (below) during Mr Falzon’s recent visit to Sydney. PHOTOS: Anthony Milic

The rest of our society may not believe it but the fact remains: fatherhood – and fathers – are vitally important.

That was the message from Robert Falzon, co-author of the book The Father Factor, who spoke in Sydney from 13-15 June, reminding men and women that fatherhood matters and has a unique role to play in families and society. Hundreds of fathers turned out to hear Mr Falzon’s message about the importance of fathering for the success and happiness of children, families and society based on collected research and enriched by personal stories.

The popular speaker and author also drew from years of success as an owner-operator in business and more than a decade of speaking with and to men throughout the country as a co-founder of the Catholic men’s movement, menALIVE.

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At the end of each night, participants were asked to nominate the one thing they would start doing differently as a result of attending Father Factor.

Organiser Cathy Kennedy, Director of the Sydney Archdiocese’ Evangelisation Office, CREDO, said she found the answers “astonishing, exciting and profound.”

“One man said, ‘Tell my two sons that I love them and am proud of them.’ Another said that he would, ‘Tell my daughter that I love her – every single day!’

Several other favourites were, “Always look to improve myself so I can be the best mentor, role model and loving father I can be,” “Communicate and listen to my children and wife always,” “Change my thinking, i.e. not what I think, what my child needs,” “Try to be ‘present’ when I’m present!” and “Meal with family every day.”

Mrs Kennedy told The Catholic Weekly that the talks were so successful that they will be repeated for four nights in August from 14-17, with venues around Sydney to be advised. Details will be advertised in The Catholic Weekly in upcoming weeks.

More information on Robert and his ministry, menALIVE, is available at

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