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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Fathers give most by being present, says popular speaker

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Robert Falzon speaks to men at the Raising Fathers evenings conducted in Sydney last year. Photo: Alphonsus Fok

Gone are the days of fathers being expected to “provide, protect and punish,” today’s dads just need to be present, says author and co-founder of menALIVE, Robert Falzon.

Visiting at the invitation of the Sydney Centre for Evangelisation, the popular speaker will appear at three exclusive events dedicated to helping men become better dads, just ahead of Father’s Day.

He will present his highly acclaimed Fathering From the Frontline series, where he will give practical advice and shares stories that are powerfully important, impacting, informative and instructional for fathering in today’s world.

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The popular speaker and author draws from more than a decade of speaking with and to men throughout the country as a co-founder of the Catholic men’s movement, menALIVE, celebrating 20 years this year.

He said we are in an age where there is a training manual to do almost everything apart from the most important and impactful role most men play in life: fatherhood.

“Today’s men are ill-equipped and possibly damaged by five generations of fatherlessness,” he said. “The only ‘training’ that is really available is from our own parents and some of that to be honest isn’t great.

“Coming to one of my talks has the capacity to change a dad’s life, to make him stop, and think about what he’s doing now—but just as importantly, how he can do it better.

“Basically, today’s dads need to be more hands-on and involved with their kids, which sadly isn’t what goes on in most households.

“Men need to be the best they can be for their families and there are small things they can start to do, which will have huge rewards.

“With Father’s Day coming up, families can also play their part, and really love dad with words.

“Rather than give him a gift he doesn’t need, sit around the table and tell him how wonderful he is, affirm him and love him. It honestly will be the best gift he will get and give him something to aspire to.

“Children look at their dad and learn more by looking than hearing, the greatest parenting is children seeing their dads and mums and becoming like them.

“There are many saints in homes that don’t get recognised by the church but they have done the work on themselves and love those they have been given to love. Coming to one of my talks really is the best thing fathers can do for their children.”

Sydney Centre for Evangelisation director Daniel Ang said the series will “illumine for fathers, who remain ever sons, that the gift of fatherhood is a daily decision.”

“We receive our life from others, from those who love us, but we also actively shape our families and children by our participation in this gift,” he said.

“It’s my hope that fathers are encouraged in their vocation by these gatherings, enriched by the witness of others on this path of self-giving and in sharing their own experiences of challenge and grace.”

The three events are free and will be held on 29 August at Marist College Eastwood, 30 August at Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield and 31 August at St Patrick’s College Strathfield.

The events start at 7.30pm and seats can be reserved HERE

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