Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Climbing the Sycamore – Season 1 Episode 2

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This week, we’ll speak a bit about broadcasting. I’ll risk my hand saying a word or two about tax as a non-expert. We’ll talk about acting in the common good through the covid years. I’ll introduce you to another philosophical thinker, Professor Bertrand Russell. Finally, I’ll answer 3 of your questions on gender, same sex relationships, and staying faithful in a secular society.

Climbing the Sycamore with Professor Hayden Ramsay. Like Zaccheaus who climbed the Sycamore tree to see the Lord better, we’ll be trying to shift position on issues both perennial and topical, religious and moral.

Hayden is a Deputy Vice-Chancellor at ACU and Professor of Ethics. He taught philosophy in universities in Scotland and Australia and served for many years on the staff of the Archbishops of Melbourne and Sydney. He was formerly Head of Campus at UNDA Sydney. Hayden’s approach is philosophical but with a light touch, a Catholic faith and an attempt to think things through ‘on the spot’! Got a burning question?

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