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Catholic youth have a ‘deep yearning for Christ’ says plenary delegate Chris Lee

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Chris Lee, Sydney’s youngest plenary delegate receives the light of the Plenary candle from Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Aged 27, Mr Lee will share the perspectives and hopes of Catholic youth in the metropolis; perspectives that are yearning for earnest Christian expressions of faith PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

Sydney’s youngest Plenary Council delegate

Sydney’s youngest Plenary Council delegate, Chris Lee, said there is a ‘deep yearning for Christ’ among Australia’s Catholic youth as he shared his experience in youth ministry – a perspective he hopes to voice at the council in October.

“In my role as team leader of Sydney Catholic Youth I’ve been able to work in ministry with a wide array of people from many backgrounds and I’m confident that the Church is in good hands,” said Chris.

“I’m confident that the Church is in good hands”

“Seeing the young people and the fervour of the faith amongst them – they have a deep yearning to know Christ.

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“Many are starting to realise that a lot of the desires of their heart will never be met by what society offers, but that Christ is the only one who can fulfil them,” said Chris. Aged just 27, he responded to an invitation to express interest in serving as a delegate to be able to speak for young Australians.

Chris Milton entering the Catholic faith through baptism in 2020 – many young converts flock to the Church in response to what they perceive is something essential is lacking in modern society – despite the comfortable trappings Photo: Patrick J Lee

“I thought I would have something to offer as a representative,” Chris said.

“To be able to tell their stories and to share the teachings of the Church to help them live out fully who they are through Christ is a hugely powerful experience. I want to affirm that.

Meanwhile, he added, “it’s been a huge privilege to be able to accompany young people in their faith journey.”

Share the teachings of the Church

As well as running the male discernment residency at Sumner House in Lidcombe, Chris’ Sydney Catholic Youth team liaises with parish youth groups and co-ordinates activities throughout the year.

Y-Factor camp in 2019 at the Benedict XVI retreat centre proved quite popular with Sydney’s Catholic youth PHOTO: SCY

Despite having to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, SCY have been working creatively to foster a sense of belonging, ministry and community for young Catholics feeling the angst of social isolation with Christ’s message of hope.

An amazing moment for the Church’s history in Australia

“This is really an amazing moment for the Church’s history in Australia to see how the Holy Spirit is working in our country. “As a young person it’s a privilege to be a part of it.”

Chris was chosen by Archbishop Fisher along with the 24 other delegates.
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