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A special place for the rosary

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If I were a poet I’d write a sonnet about holidays – how necessary they are!

The winter school holidays are coming to an end and we’ve been enjoying our break from the usual routine and hurry of the school run, homework and sports.

We’ve been busy, but very beautifully occupied.

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We’ve been out a lot or had visitors over but the children have had a few long afternoons at home to play elaborate made-up games together, write letters to friends, knit, paint and draw.

I’ve had time to bake fruit loaves and make lemon butter for three families out of a batch of lemons from a friend’s tree.

Tomorrow we’re going to plant a herb garden and look in the shops for a beautiful box to make into our family prayer box so our favourite prayer cards and candles and rosaries can be easily found when we want to make a special prayer time.

We’re growing and nourishing their little bodies and souls all together and I like that.

Prayer should be as natural as breathing and eating, but it does require some planning.

I find it easier in holiday time to think about how to work it in better to the rhythm of our days and weeks.

Our prayer life at the moment consists of Sunday Mass, a short morning prayer and longer bedtime prayer as well as grace before lunch and dinner.

There’s a little bit of spiritual reading such as children’s Bible storybooks most days as well.

Peter also reads the Divine Office on his commute to work.

I would say these are the barest necessities, though, hence my efforts with the prayer box.

The one thing I hoped to do and haven’t done these holidays is to take the children to an extra Mass or visit the Blessed Sacrament during the week.

A teething, sniffly baby is my excuse, but I won’t have it next holidays!

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