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A counter-cultural youth

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Natasha and Gary Pinto. Photo: Captured Frames Photography
Natasha and Gary Pinto. Photo: Captured Frames Photography

Did you know that a person will spend more than 17 years of their life on their phone, based on current usage? At the recent 10:10 project conference, held on 13 September at the Waterview Function Centre at Sydney Olympic Park, Catholic youth were challenged to spend their time more wisely by living counter-culturally, coming back to God and the sacraments.

Catholic youth heard from Bishop Daniel Meagher, Fr Benjamin Saliba, Missionary of God’s Love Bernadette Toohey, and performer Natasha Pinto.

The talks focused on contemporary issues facing youth on sexuality, masculinity, knowing the truth and being courageous in the face of opposition.

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The 10:10 Project began with just three schools in 2020 and has swelled to 20 by 2023. It has grown in response to society’s “use and abuse” approach to relationships among young people.

The immediate impact of the talks was evident in the large number of students who spent time in the adoration chapel and received the sacrament of reconciliation.

One Year 10 student who attended said the talks helped them to understand “the inherent worth and value that everybody has, solely because they are created by God.”

“We are all created perfectly, and it is because of what we are bombarded with in modern society that we may feel that we aren’t, however that is merely superficial. Do not be afraid of going against the ‘norm,.”

Another student said, “The bishop’s address really made me realise the importance of communication in relationships and how true love with someone is always worth fighting for.”

In Term 4, the program will continue with the final school sessions, overnight retreat and three 10:10 youth nights which will focus on outreach to the elderly.

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