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300 cans honour Mary

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Suburban art takes on a new meaning with St Mary’s Catholic Primary School’s new mural PHOTO: Alphonsus Fok

Suburban art takes on a new meaning with school mural

Move over oil paint and canvas … this stunning portrait of Mary was created with nothing more than cans of spray paint and a red brick wall.

Watching over the school playground, the “spray-ting” of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Georges Hall’s namesake was a gift from the Year 6 Class of 2021 and also features local fauna and flora including magpies, lorikeets, kookaburras, bottlebrush and waratahs.

Talented Sydney artist Danny Mulyono brushed up on his skills for the artwork and admits of the hundreds he has created it’s his favourite not only because of the finished product but the impact it has had on the whole school community.

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The heavily-tattooed painter said more than 300 cans and over 200 colours were used to create the stunning mural measuring a whopping 6 by 4 metres which now has pride of place in the school yard. The artist, who sees every surface as a potential canvas, said the students loved watching the painting come to life over a week and many canvassed him over his technique and inspiration.

“I have done a lot of murals but this one is by far my favourite due to the connection it had with the students and staff alike, it really was quite moving,” he said.

“I could tell as I was nearing completion how thrilled everyone was with it because of what it represents, everyone at the school just loved it.

“Painting with spray paint is such a different medium but one I really love and which enabled me to create such an interesting finish.

“Mary’s face alone was created using over 20 different colours which makes this mural in particular quite intricate and therefore unique.

“It’s the first mural of Mary I have done and in doing so I realised how important she is just by how thankful everyone was when I finished.”

“It’s the first mural of Mary I have done and in doing so I realised how important she is just by how thankful everyone was when I finished.”

School principal Monica Palmer said she had always wanted the students to have an image of Mary and the gum trees, birds and Australian flora which is so indicative of their school community.

“We have a statue of Mary MacKillop but not one of Our Lady so thought it would be a lovely opportunity for the school while being a lovely reminder of our graduating Year 6 class,” she said.

“The whole community is so in awe, our Parish Priest, parents, grandparents, teachers and students alike are so joyful at the sight of Mary surrounded by nature.

“Having the students see the process unfold was a sight to behold. The artist was talking to the students and giving them art tips with drawing which was such an inspiration.

“We all marvelled at the fact he could do such intricate work, including the face of Mary with a spray can. He was so talented.”

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