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Why a Family Board Meeting?

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When it comes to family meetings, there are many different styles and flavors. Short, long, done once a month or once a week…We’ve tried a bunch of different ways to do it over the years and have landed on what we think is the best way to be intentional about our family life, culture and goals.

Affirm your spouse & assess your marriage and family life. 

If something is important, it’s worth paying attention to, right? Nothing except our relationship with God is as important as your marriage. Since marriage is a vocation, it’s PART of your relationship with God.

Answer your call to greatness.

Marriage and family are part of God’s creative plan. He plans to use you and your family to accomplish His will on the earth, and He wants you to be an active participant in it!  But those big-picture things can get lost in the franticness of daily family life. You and your spouse have to remember why you signed up for this in the first place — and what your goals are now.

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Define your goals and family culture.

Your family culture communicates your expectations, beliefs, and values more powerfully than any written word and forms the way of life for your family. The family board meeting is a chance to become intentional about the culture that you’re stewarding within your home and set goals, like “Be less critical.” “Set time to play together.”

Discern your priorities.

How do you live life intentionally?  You plan for it!  And when you are a family, that plan starts with taking some time to have a “deep dive” conversation with your spouse. Once a year it’s a good idea to get away, dream a little and set some goals.  We’ve developed worksheets and tools to help you flesh out your vision and put some skin in the game.

Make it a reality.

The most important part of this conversation is not making the perfect goals or having the ultimate budget or schedule.  It’s actually about having a unified vision as a couple for what you want your family to be. That’s what it’s all about.

That’s why we are encouraging you to take a weekend off and join our Family Board Meeting course. Book an AirBnB for the weekend, or send the kids to the grandparents while you stay home so you and your spouse can have some time alone to go through what matters most in your marriage.

It’s too easy to become a frantic family in our fast-paced world. It can be hard to be intentional about marriage and family life with the pressure of raising kids and pursuing a career. Taking a step back to look at your life and family culture with the Family Board Meeting gives you an opportunity to find perspective and be intentional!

To find out more, watch our free online webinar.

Sign up for the Family Board Meeting course on February 25-27 and renew your marriage and family culture!

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Originally published on Messy Family Project.

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