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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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The Teen Singing His Way to the UK

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Chorister Perrin Ford is travelling to Cambridge on a wing and prayer. PHOTO: Giovanni Portelli

From St Mary’s Cathedral College to Cambridge College, Beverly Hills teenager Perrin Ford is taking his studies a world away!

The Year 11 student is travelling more than 30,000 kms to study music at the prestigious institution in the UK.

One of the first students from the Sydney Archdiocese to be accepted into the program, he will have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest choral tutors and sing in some of England’s most historic and prominent venues.

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For Perrin, taking part in the course at one of the world’s most exclusive schools is the opportunity of a lifetime.

He said that while singing in the famous Choir requires a lot of hard work and dedication, the benefits obtained far outweigh any negatives and that he highly recommends it to anybody who loves to sing.

“There’s so much more to studying music than just what you hear, it develops your organisational skills, attention to detail, your whole mindset and how you operate,” he said.

“Being in the Cathedral Choir requires a significant commitment but what you receive in return is so much greater.

“I recently travelled to Belgium as part of the Choir’s 200th anniversary and now I’m off to Cambridge to sing.

“I want to do something with music when I complete my studies so the opportunities I have been given through the Choir have been terrific.”

Perrin is one of three students from the Sydney school who have been accepted into the program. Fellow Year 11 students Blaize Farah and Edward Lawrence are currently taking part in the program being held at the equally prestigious Eton College.

Cathedral College Choir Director of Music Thomas Wilson said the opportunities being offered to the young music students were “invaluable”.

He said the Choir is currently auditioning young boys in Year 2 for the 2019 program and pointed out that “you never know where the opportunities could take you”.

“The week-long courses represent an unparalleled opportunity for talented young choral singers to meet, sing and learn with one another, together with some of the world’s finest and most inspiring tutors,” he said.

“These three boys have amassed a considerable amount of knowledge, skill and experience, having been part of the Cathedral Choir program for several years.

“This course will open their eyes and ears to the next level; connecting them with the wider world of choral music-making, and will certainly be an inspiring glimpse into the possibilities that exist for them.”

If you know someone in Year 2 who loves to sing, the choir is currently auditioning boys for 2019. All choristers receive full-tuition scholarships to St Mary’s Cathedral College.

If you know someone who is interested contact Music Administrator Hannah McCarthy at [email protected]

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