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Talent ID programs unlock student potential through sports

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Invitational camps enable students to foster their skills. Photo: Supplied
Invitational camps enable students to foster their skills. Photo: Supplied

By Bethany Alvaro

From breaking national records, to representing Australia in international sports competitions, the talent demonstrated by Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) students is unmatched.

Talent identification programs are one of many opportunities offered for students who show a promising career in their sporting field, such as cricket or rugby.

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Invitational camps and sports academies enable selected students to foster their skills and enhance their current level of athletic ability.

This program allows for students to be taught under high level coaches in the sports industry in order to provide them with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise.

Through identifying a select number of students, SCS is providing them with incomparable training experiences in order to lay the foundation for a fruitful sporting career or high level representation.

But for the students who simply want to get involved in a new sport, the opportunity for professional training is endless.

SCS’s “5 Week Program” is an initiative that aims to introduce students to a sport through crafting the basic skills, building a love for the sport and developing an interest so that the student will continue the sport with a local club.

The latest sport on offer in the program is football, starting in mid-March. In collaboration with Sydney FC, participating students will have access to elite training, facilities, and equipment to be the best players possible.

Holiday camps are another means of sports participation available to students looking to get involved. In these camps, students can have fun with their friends while also developing their sports skills in a myriad of activities.

Run independently and in collaboration with professional sporting bodies, this is a great way for students to get active and involved outside of school hours, in sports including fencing, golf, football, and table tennis.

Students are encouraged to get involved in the multitude of sports programs on offer to them this term, and in the future to stay fit and social.

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