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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Ukrainians celebrate Easter with prayers turned to a homeland engulfed by...

The Ukrainian Catholic Church has seen larger than usual congregations as Australian-born Ukrainians and new migrants gather to pray for peace in their homeland

George Weigel: The very bloody Russian way

CRACOW - Four and a half months after Russia invaded Ukraine on the Orwellian pretext of displacing a “Nazi” regime — a regime that enjoys a democratic legitimacy absent from Russia for two decades — what have we learned about, and from, the Russian way of war? We have learned that the Russian way of war is inept strategically, tactically and logistically: an army using inferior equipment, bereft of competent non-commissioned officers, and replete with ill-trained draftees; an army that relies on brute force to bludgeon its way toward its objectives.
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