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Connecting youth and seniors through creativity

The French painter Henri Matisse said creativity takes courage, and that’s certainly true of Eterio Herrera. After early retirement at IBM when he was in...

Tech savvy program puts seniors and students together to share skills

Marist College Penshurst students help seniors navigate our digital world, but the real benefits go beyond digital literacy

How Senior Couples Make Marriage Better

In a culture that glorifies youth and sanctions the euthanising of the sick and elderly, it’s easy to lose sight of the gift of...

Retirement Living Magazine 2020

Retirement Living Magazine 2020 The 'Retirement Living Magazine' provides an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase goods or services to a highly receptive buyers market....

Pat Garcia: We understand aged issues, but not the answers

Aged care is expensive, but for how long can we put off the inevitable investment? Ageing and death can be difficult issues. Most of us...
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