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Lebanese visionary of the liturgy to be beatified

Church bells are ringing joyfully in Lebanon. Another beatification is planned in the nation. This year Venerable Patriarch Estephan Douaihy will be beatified on 2 August, the day of his birth in 1630, at the patriarchate headquarters in Bkerke.

Two lives that reveal the face of courage

Both Blessed Stanley Rother and Russian dissident Alexei Navalny exemplified the cardinal virtue of courage, which is also a gift of the Holy Spirit. Only one is officially a martyr, but that might change, writes George Weigel

Philippa Martyr: This November, remember nobody really ever dies

No one is actually dead. When a person’s body stops working, they go on living, Philippa says reflecting on a near-death experience.

Catholic schools for future saints

What do you desire? This question is asked of each Dominican when we receive the habit of the order.

Melto D’Moronoyo: Venerating relics is a reminder of God’s love for...

As the relics of our Maronite saints continue to tour our parishes on the momentous occasion of our Eparchy’s Golden Jubilee, it is important...

Melto D’ Moronoyo: Lessons we learn from Maronite saints

The relics of famous Maronite saints are currently touring Australia. What can we learn from these holy men and women of God?

Top Ten Confirmation names for Sydney

Sydney’s confirmation season is in full swing and while perennial favourites remain popular for confirmation names, some lesser-known saints are also making the top ten, according to Sydney’s auxiliary bishops and religious education coordinators.

Maronite golden jubilee brings faithful, bishops and saints together to celebrate

The coronation may have been the most magnificent of the weekend’s ceremonies, but the Maronite golden jubilee gave it some competition

Five priests martyred by Paris Commune beatified after 152 years

The five priests, murdered by revolutionaries in 1871, were a sign of hope and a warning to Christians today, said Cardinal Marcello Semeraro

Miraculous relics mark fifty years for Maronite eparchy

Thousands have gathered in scenes of joy and reverence to pray with the relics of five saints on a national tour to mark 50 years of the Maronite eparchy in Australia. Among them is Salwa Elias, who says she was cured from a painful and crippling condition which plagued her for 12 years, after she asked St Charbel to intercede for her.

Reclaiming St Valentine’s Day

For two decades we’ve promoted the idea of putting the ‘saint’ back into St Valentine’s Day. Every year we blog, pin, post, and remind...

Kids take back Halloween

Families take on the culture to restore a supernatural appreciation of feasts Sydney Catholics are reclaiming All Hallows’ Eve and there’s no trick and it’s...
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