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Irenaeus: the Doctor of Unity

Reading Time: 7 minutesOn 7 October this year, Pope Francis announced that he plans to name St Irenaeus of Lyon as the 37th Doctor of the Church, giving him the title “Doctor of Unity”. The tradition of calling certain Christians doctors (teachers) of the Church, goes back to the Middle Ages, when theologians of that […]
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Melto D’Moronoyo: The greatest ‘family business’

By Monsignor Shora Maree

Throughout human history the livelihood for a family was derived, not from one person’s individual career, but mostly from all working together in a family business either on the land or a trade passed on from one generation to another.

This was a strong part of our Maronite and Lebanese culture. Children would typically grow up seeing the hard work and sacrifice of their parents in establishing and running the business, they would see and experience the benefit from the fruits of their parents work and be inspired to follow in their footsteps. In reaching maturity, they would then be told that they are co-owners and therefore co-responsible for the family business.

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Young Catholics reclaim All Hallows Eve

Sydney Catholics Azelie and Joseph Harb reclaimed Halloween this year and it was no trick and all treat! The tiny revellers were among growing numbers...

Peter Rosengren: Saints constantly watching over us

They are, presumably, vast in number. Paul, writing to what are usually believed to be Jewish Christians, exhorted his audience to remember that they...

Miracle clears way for beatification of Albino Luciani – Pope John...

Pope Francis has signed a decree recognising a miracle attributed to the intercession of Pope John Paul I, clearing the way for his beatification. The...

Fr John Flader: The Eucharist’s bodyguard

Dear Father, My son is an altar server and our parish priest told the servers to pray to St Tarcisius, their patron saint, for...

Students brush up on their saints

Lockdown or not, it’s always a good time to brush up on your favourite Saints … a task students from Marist Catholic College Penshurst...

Fr Josh Miechels: What do we need? Saints

What the world desperately needs most from the Church is saints. This is my understanding of what Sebastian Condon was saying in a column in The...

Seven things you didn’t know about Mary

Throughout the month of May the Catholic Church has been celebrating Our Lady and Mother Mary. From the Pope's Rosary Marathon to the feast...

St Teresa of Avila teaches importance of prayer, pope says

The Spanish saint's union with Christ through prayer made her an "exceptional woman," Pope Francis said.
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Eyes on the world

One of Australia’s leading news photographers Brendan Esposito has built a career out of running head-on into mayhem, and says much of what makes...