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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Council overturns ban as protestors erupt

Large groups of protestors clashed at Cumberland City Council where councillors overturned a decision to ban children’s books promoting same-sex parenting in its libraries.

Protestors rally as drag story time for children overturned

Passionate Catholics were among the crowd of protestors who attended Cumberland City Council to protest against drag queen reading time for local children.

Plenary motions too constrained by equality-as-power paradigm, say women

Women reported that a distressing day which disrupted and altered the Plenary Council process left them ultimately with a sense of hope that unity...

Two classes: professional Catholic activists and ordinary Catholic women

It looks like the Plenary Council motions on women in the Church all failed to make the required two-thirds majority to pass on Tuesday...

The tale of two Councils

The opening days of the fifth Plenary Council have surfaced the complex realities and fissures that underlie the Church in Australia. They have given...

Vote on women throws Plenary into crisis

The agenda for the Plenary Council was thrown into crisis and disrupted on Wednesday morning after more than 60 of the 277 members formed...

Don’t let this tragedy happen, warn civic, religious leaders and doctors

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws threaten to turn Australia into a two-class society, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has warned.

Monica Doumit: A policy? None that anyone can see

The scenes coming out of Victoria at the moment are like those from a movie: whether it be a non-masked protester being wrestled to...
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