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10 years of St John Paul II

The Vatican will celebrate the historic tenth anniversary of the canonisation of John Paul II on 27 April at St Peter's Basilica.

Philippa Martyr: Pope Benedict XVI, pray for us!

Joseph Ratzinger – the late Pope Benedict XVI – meant a huge amount to me. He first came on my radar when he was...

New biography of Pope Benedict XVI reveals his life, personality and...

By Dr R. Jared Staudt This February will mark nine years since the historic renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI. Joseph Ratzinger would have gone down in history as a great theologian without his rise to the chair of St Peter, although through his papal ministry he became a teacher of the world. The power of […]

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Q@A with Ratzinger Prize winner Dr Tracey Rowland

My most important influence was my maternal grandmother, a ‘God, Queen and Country’ High Church Anglican
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