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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Syrian Christians under fire in Sudan

The influx of fleeing Sudanese Syrian Christians into Egypt has begun to grow as military forces continue to wage war in the Sudan capitol of Khartoum, with local advocates attempting to evacuate their countrymen to Australia.

Faith amid the ruins: we’re all under one God, Francis tells...

In Iraq, Pope Francis preached against violence in the name of religion, urged forgiveness and reconciliation and encouraged Christians and other victims of religious fanatics, who have been to hell and back

Saint Judy Review: From prosecution to persecution

One wouldn’t consider a teacher leading her class to school to be offensive, but for a young woman in Afghanstan it would be grounds...

George Weigel: A tale of two Georges

When a pope is elected, the cardinals who have just chosen him make their way to the Hall of Benedictions atop the narthex of...
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