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ACU forms lay ministers in Nigeria

The Australian Catholic University’s Centre for Liturgy offered a training program for lay liturgical ministers of the Word in Nigeria. The program, delivered online, aims to equip participants with spiritual and technical skills needed to effectively proclaim the Word and serve in their ministry.

Martyrs in Nigeria. 50 killed at Mass

Like any other parish in the world, Catholics in the southwestern Nigerian town of Owo gathered to celebrate Pentecost Sunday last weekend, but the Mass which celebrates the birth of the Church in Jerusalem two millennia ago never concluded.

Mass burials in Nigeria as violence escalates

Nigerian archbishop places the blame squarely on corrupt government leaders, looks to US for help.

Report spotlights Christians in need

Aid to the Church in Need faces increased challenge of supporting poor and persecuted Christians.

Killed seminarian had martyr’s courage

The young Nigerian had 'annoyed' his kidnappers with his insistence that they turn from evil.

Seminarian murdered by kidnappers

Bishop confirms the death of 18-year-old seminarian after kidnapping in Nigeria.

Nigerian Archbishop appeals for prayers

Visiting Nigerian Archbishop Valerian Okeke has asked the Catholic community to pray for peace in his country.
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